Lon Kaufmann at Kleine Shiedig, Switzerland

Chill*Ware company is dedicated to finding all the products and clothing that together can help you feel human in the middle of a crazy world. We all need to explore the world to feel alive.  But we also need the times and places that provide a retreat where we can restore our sense of joy and well-being in life.

Having ambitious goals is critical, but so is finding a balance with reflection. Friends who provide us feedback can help with this, but so can the small things that provide us humor and comfort. To simply be able to come home to a favorite sweater and a creative home space can restore our ability to play, relax, and prepare to fight another day! 

Chillware is a member of the Marketekom LLC ECommerce Group.

From all of us here at Chill*Ware,
Lon Kaufmann



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